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Free Modular Programmes at the IPA

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The Institute of Public Administration (IPA), a recognised college of the National University of Ireland, is offering fully funded places on its short modular postgraduate programmes in:

IPA Governance Forum Programme 2021 Announced

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The Governance Forum at the IPA provides advice, training, information and a range of supports on good governance, with a particular emphasis on state, public interest and public benefit organisations.  The member organisations of the Forum include state bodies and agencies, regulatory bodies, higher education institutions, government departments, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations.

Why do some conversations make us feel good?

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Why do some conversations make us feel good? We all know people who drain or deflate us after a conversation with them. We also know others who are uplifting and we walk away in a positive mood, feeling like we’ve had a good experience. What prompts these two different reactions? Are we getting carried away with emotions in the latter and missing something from the former? And why does it matter which mood we’re left in?

What do you do when there are no more water cooler moments?

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Water cooler moments likely mean different things to different people. We typically ‘bump’ into others at the water cooler, rather than organise to meet them there. We usually have a relaxed, informal conversation or we take a few moments to ‘catch someone up on something’.  Water cooler moments help us remain visible and connected with the team and with others. But we are also doing something else – we’re sharing a moment and we’re taking ‘time out’ or time away from ‘doing’, both of which can reap significant benefits for us and our organisations.

IPA partners with CIPFA to offer International Public Financial Management (IPFM) programme.

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IPA partners with CIPFA to offer International Public Financial Management (IPFM) programme.  To strengthen and complement our public and state sector offerings, the IPA have partnered with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) to offer a Certificate in International Public Financial Management (IPFM). CIPFA is the only professional accountancy body in the world exclusively dedicated to public finance with a dedicated history of providing professional training programmes in IPFM. 

Working Remotely? Use Your Conversations to Build Trust

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Imagine this. You and your team are working remotely, you see each other maybe a little through a computer screen, conversations are possible but they are different. You have been giving them space and latitude, role-modelling effective leadership practice in order to build more trust with and across the team; however, it feels like you’ve still a way to go. The trust is still not there. 

Building Trust While Leading Remotely

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Building Trust While Leading Remotely.Do you have this nagging feeling that ‘If I can’t see the team, they could be up to anything?’ If you have this feeling now, chances are you had this feeling prior to current circumstances of enforced isolation. Counter-intuitively, for many, remote working provides a great opportunity to build more trusting work environments and greater impact in your leadership by taking some simple steps to enhance this critical leadership and organisational competency.

IPA campus will be closed to the public until June 2020 - Read more…

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Notice from the Director General and Chair of IPA Board On the advice and direction of government and in accordance with the expert public health advice available, the IPA at 57-61 Lansdowne Road have suspended all on-campus lectures and tutorials and training courses and development programmes  effective from 6pm March 12th until 5th May 2020. 

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