Governance Forum

The Governance Forum is managed by the Institute of Public Administration to provide a network, events and advice on governance issues from a public interest perspective. The member organisations of the Forum include State bodies, government departments and not for profit bodies.

Each member of the organisation receives a range of services including invitations for board members and executives to a series of briefing events and conferences, customized in-house training and consultancy, advice from governance specialists and access to the Governance Forum web site.

Supporting Good Governance: An IPA service for boards and top management. We provide a support service to boards and top management of state agencies. There is an increased focus on the performance of boards. Recent legislative provisions, including freedom of information and ethics provisions, have made fresh demands on boards and top management. The Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, issued by the Department of Finance, sets out principles for the conduct of boards.

In this context we offer board and top management briefings focusing on:

  • The Responsibilities of Directors/Senior Managers
  • The Role of Non-Executive Directors
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Audit Guidance for Managers/Directors
  • Principles of Corporate and Financial Governance
  • Compliance Statements

Forum Events 2023

View the Governance Forum list of 2023 events here.

For details of Membership, please go to the Governance Forum Website.

If you require any further information, please contact Tom Ward at the IPA on +353 (0)1 240 3600. Tom would be delighted to discuss further ways of ensuring that the Forum Membership would bring significant benefits to organisations operating in the public interest.

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