IPA campus will be closed to the public until June 2020 - Read more…

By IPACarolyn, Friday, 28th February 2020 | 0 comments

Notice from the Director General and Chair of IPA Board

On the advice and direction of government and in accordance with the expert public health advice available, the IPA at 57-61 Lansdowne Road have suspended all on-campus lectures and tutorials and training courses and development programmes  effective from 6pm March 12th until 5th May 2020. 

Consistent with the direction and advice and as part of business continuity planning within the Institute, we will continue to provide services, not requiring face-to-face contact, to client organisations, students and individuals via the appropriate communication arrangements including recording of lectures, use of Moodle, telephones, emails or video conferencing as necessary.

Regular updates will be provided on our website

Further information is available on the HSE website.