New Specialist-Led Online Courses and Webinars Now Available at the IPA

By IPATracey, Tuesday, 26th May 2020 | 0 comments
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The Institute of Public Administration is pleased to announce our wide range of online short training courses and webinar offerings. IPA courses and webinars are delivered by subject matter experts with in-depth experience and knowledge of their specialist areas.

All our offerings incorporate quality content professionally delivered to enhance learning, knowledge and understanding. Disseminating good practice coupled with learner centred development are central to our service philosophy and fundamental to our teaching and facilitation approaches. So as to ensure learning outcomes, particularly for training courses, are achieved class sizes may be limited and similarly there would be a minimum number envisaged to allow for interaction and peer learning.

We are committed to deliver high quality and professional events and where relevant for the training courses, participants will be provided with pre-reading preparatory material so as to commence the participant – specialist engagement in advance of the virtual interaction in the wider class setting.  This material will assist with orientation and group / individual work. This approach is a hallmark of our online training approach.


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