Ireland - A Directory 2021

The IPA’s Ireland – A Directory 2021 now in its 55th year is worth investing in as a gift to yourself or for your clients. The 2021 edition includes details on both the private and public sectors with over 9,000 organisations listed. Who’s who in the Department of Finance? Who looks after Financial Services and Strategic Policy in IDA Ireland? Who is the Chief Executive of Irish Cement?  –  Ireland – A Directory 2021 has the answer.

This popular one stop database also includes statistics and general information on various social and economic topics concerning Ireland. Give Ireland - A Directory to your special clients and let it work for them - and for you - all through 2021. You can enhance the value of the Directory by having your name or company logo gold-embossed on the copies you require for your company or as gifts for special clients.

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The Directory is now available electronically, as a Desktop App (click here) or a Phone App (click here)

“The Directory contains vital information for anyone working in or dealing with Local Government, it’s a complete who’s who of the Irish public sector, an invaluable resource”.

Dr. Pat Gallagher
Chief Executive
Westmeath County Council


“Now that the Directory is available as a desktop version, and as an app, it is even easier to use. It’s a prestige product that provides you with the information you need when you need it”.

Laura Burke
Director General
Environmental Protection Agency




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