Dr. Deirdre Bane

Position: Senior Finance Specialist 
Email: dbane@ipa.ie
Telephone: 087 441 0523

Deirdre is a Senior Finance Specialist in the IPA Governance Team, delivering training and consultancy services to various public, state, and semi-state bodies, charities, boards, and not-for-profit organisations with specific areas of experience and expertise across Governance and Financial Management. Previous to her position at the IPA, Deirdre was an experienced lecturer in Finance, teaching across disciplines (finance, statistics, economics, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation) at all education levels (undergraduate to postgraduate). 

Deirdre spent ten years in the United States, working in the financial services sector producing industry and stock-specific equity research reports (Credit Suisse First Boston) and fixed income portfolio management (Sanford C. Bernstein and Co.) services for institutional clients. In addition, she worked for an independent consulting practice performing economic impact analysis studies, economic development planning, social research and analysis, and providing strategic planning services to government (LMDC, DoITT), non-profit, education (Columbia University, State University of New York Downstate) and corporate clients (Carnival Corporation, New York Waterways). Deirdre was also the project manager of an independently produced Public Broadcast Service (PBS) documentary, which told how a simple but revolutionary technology (shipping containers) and the subsequent automation forever changed a centuries-old way of work and the lives of the longshoremen forever.

At the IPA, Deirdre has been involved in key projects relating to corporate governance, risk management, and finance, including the Public Spending Code. Specific areas of experience and expertise include Strategic Financial Management, Contemporary Issues in Finance, Risk/Asset Management, Governance, and Economic Development.


PhD in Entrepreneurship, Munster Technological University (2011).

Accounting and Finance 
•    Chartered Public Finance Accountant, CIPFA (Active) 
•    Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, ACCA (active). 
•    MSc in Professional Accountancy, University of London (2017). 
•    NASD, NYSE (USA), Series 7, and 63 Broker/Dealer Registration (1998). 

Digital and Data
•    Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, TU Dublin, 2022 
•    Certificate in Data Analysis for Management, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (2021) 
•    Professional Diploma (Level 9) in Data and Analytics in Financial Services, University College Dublin (2020). 
•    MA in Digital Arts and Humanities (2014). 

•    Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (2021), ACCA 
•    MA in Public Administration University of Limerick (2005). 

Publications and Conferences (Academic and Commercial)

  • Sheerin, C., Darcy, M., and Bane, D. (2019) Career Aspirations and Expectations of the Investment Management Profession: A Gendered Perspective” In: Irish Accounting and Finance Association Conference 2019. 16-17 May. Dublin City Business School, Dublin.
  • Maycock, Keith, Lambert, Jonathan and Bane, Deirdre (2018) "Flipping learning, not just content: A 4-year action research study investigating the appropriate level of flipped learning". Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. ISSN 1365-2729. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jcal.12274
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