Leadership Development

The Leadership Challenge is an intensive Leadership Development Programme for Senior Public Servants.

The programme is short, intensive and delivered in three modules, with individual confidential coaching. Over three hundred senior public servants drawn from central and local government, state agencies and the health sector, have attended the programme to date.

20-22 March 2019
3 Modules over Five Months
Application Deadline:
January 2019

This programme is aimed at developing within individuals the capacity to understand and change organisational systems and to understand and change oneself.

A key objective is to build capacity in individuals to operate outside of their functional responsibilities and to broaden their understanding of organisational and system issues, enhancing their ability to operate at a strategic level. The programme therefore challenges individuals to move beyond their current functional roles and behaviour; to open up to approaches when working with others to achieve goals and to generate more efficient and innovative outcomes.

13-14 March 2019
4 x Two-Day Modules
Application Deadline:
February 2019

Assistant Principal Officers (APs) are an important link between senior management and those tasked with delivering organisational goals on the ground. The challenge for those new to the Assistant Principal level is to find a balance between using existing experience and expertise while continuously identifying alternative approaches, behaviours and skils to work with and through others to deliver on goals and responsibilities.

This programme is designed to assist people newly promoted into the Assistant Principal role to align their skill sets and approaches with the needs and expectations of this senior leadership role. 

19 March, 23 April and 28 May 2019
Three Days

The aim of the executive coaching service is to provide intensive support and consultation to senior managers on issues relevant to their professional development. The IPA Executive Coaching Service understands the challenges facing busy managers. Such challenges raise from managing stress issues, resolving conflict, problem solving and decision-making to crisis management, leadership, time management, presentation skills, managing meetings and career advancement.

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