Local Government Research

Public Sector Reform in Ireland: Views and Experiences from Local Government Senior Executives

While Ireland is not one of the ten countries formally participating in the COCOPS project, discussion with the project team led to participation in the survey of senior public executives. Ireland was the only country to undertake a survey of local government senior executives alongside the survey of central government executives. This report focuses on the responses of the local government executives. The report on central government executives attitudes can be downloaded from http://www.ipa.ie/research.

Although other countries do not cover local government, this paper follows the format and style of the other country reports produced for the COCOPS project (http://www.cocops.eu/publications/research-reports), and the report for central government produced for Ireland in order to ensure a consistency of approach.


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Transforming Local Government

This report focuses on innovation in local government. Good practice examples of innovative practices, both from Ireland and abroad, are examined and lessons learned as to how to encourage an innovation culture within local government.


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Report No. 4: The changing structure of Irish sub-national governance

Irish government at all levels is currently undergoing arguably its most intensive period of reorganisation and realignment since independence. The future shape and role of local government has been the focus of recent media consideration, but less emphasis has been given to the current and proposed developments affecting nonelected local and regional public bodies.

In this paper, building on a survey of local and regional bodies in Ireland published by the Institute of Public Administration in 2007, the current landscape of Irish sub-national governance is considered, and a number of issues pertinent to the reform agenda are raised.


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Review of International Local Government Efficiency Reforms

This paper presents a brief overview of reforms undertaken in several jurisdictions designed to improve the efficiency of local government services. In any comparative review, one must consider the distinctive nature of each country’s institutional environment. Local government in different countries have different structures, population sizes, decision-making structures, provide a different range of services, and operate under distinctive financing systems.

Nevertheless, parallels and comparisons can be drawn, and appropriate lessons can be learned from the experience abroad.


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