Leadership Development

This programme is aimed at developing within individuals the capacity to understand and change organisational systems and to understand and change oneself.

A key objective is to build capacity in individuals to operate outside of their functional responsibilities and to broaden their understanding of organisational and system issues, enhancing their ability to operate at a strategic level. The programme therefore challenges individuals to move beyond their current functional roles and behaviour; to open up to approaches when working with others to achieve goals and to generate more efficient and innovative outcomes.

Dates to be confirmed
4 x Two-Day Modules

The aim of the Assistant Principal Programme is to support individual and collective leadership capacity in public sector organisations and to support Assistant Principals (APs) in meeting the challenges of delivering and adapting to change, while maintaining performance and service quality standards.

16-17 September 2024 | 14-15 October 2024
Two Day Course

Changing work practices, merging work and home life and developing new skills to work remotely could be seen as a wonderful opportunity or a significant challenge. How we each deal with changes and differences that confront us has a significant impact on our effectiveness and impact as leaders in organisations and as individuals in life.  

Building our awareness of how and why we respond in different circumstances is an essential step in identifying more appropriate and supportive behaviours and approaches. Maintaining positive and trusting work relationships and team environments is critical to team and organisational performance and central to demonstrating effective leadership and management.

This course presents an opportunity to learn how to better control your reactions, to remain focused on purpose and help others through conflictual situations. Mastering these skills and incorporating a toolset that allows you to embrace the benefits of conflict in a positive and constructive way will strengthen team relationships, decision making and performance.

Mastering Conflict for Effective Leadership is a three hour online course that will focus on mindset, skillset and developing a toolset to managing conflict for effective team leadership.

Dates to be confirmed.
Three Hour Online Course

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