The Institute is the professional body for public servants. It caters for those in the civil service, the local authorities, the health service, the state-sponsored bodies, the education sector, the gardaí and the defence forces. Its services are designed to meet the professional needs of public servants at individual and corporate levels.

It focuses exclusively on public sector development. It delivers its services through:

  • Education and training, building people's capability to meet challenges.
  • Direct consultancy, solving problems and helping plan and shape the future.
  • Research and publishing, understanding what needs to be done and making these findings readily available.
  • These services aim to develop and promote the knowledge and skills that public servants need to contribute professionally to the development of the state. You can take part in the Institute's activities and contribute to its development by taking out membership.

Types of Membership:

For more information contact:
John Paul Owens
Head of Communications

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