How We Work


In providing our international services, the Institute works closely with a variety of institutional partners. Central to our work has been the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Irish Aid. We have also developed ongoing working relationship with the European Union and have provided services under the various assistance and development programmes for DG Enlargement (project work on the Phare, Cards, Meda and Tacis programmes), DG Development (project work on EDF funded programmes) and DG Personal and Administration (management training services for Commission officials in Brussels).

The IPA operates within a wide network of national and international partners and sister institutions in the enlarged European Union but also beyond, with working arrangements with similar bodies in the EU, in EU Accession countries (DISPA) and in sub-Sahara Africa. The IPA is an active member of various networks, notably the DISPA network and is member of the OECD Schools of Government network.


We operate and maintain an extensive network of Associate Specialists, Practitioners and Experts across a wide range of subject areas that we can call upon as required.

To become an associate specialist, send us your EU format CV and include information regarding your fields of expertise, your preferred countries to work in, your timely availability (short-term, medium-term, long-term assignments) and some indication about your financial conditions.

For further details, please contact Teresa Casserly:


The IPA has a particular expertise in designing, organising and hosting study tours to Ireland and we offer tailor-made, high-quality study visits in areas such as EU Structural Funds, Civil Service Reform, Human Resource Development, Operational Programmes, Public Administration Institutes, etc.

Each study tour is designed with the specific needs and requirements of the target group in mind. Most often, the agenda and programme are developed as a collaborative project with representatives of the participating country. Programmes incorporate a mixture of expert inputs and discussion, training and site visits. We include external experts and Irish civil servants to guarantee a high level of practical and experience-based input.

The IPA has the organisational capacity to administer the study tour with respect to flight arrangements, accommodation and local travel where necessary. Study tours vary from two to five days duration depending on specific requirements.

For more information, please email Ashling Newberry:


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