Governance Services

The Institute's Governance Team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique governance and risk issues and challenges faced by the public sector.  Our diverse work in this area has given us significant experience of leading, helping and supporting arrangements with the implementation and embedding of best practice governance and risk management.

The principles and processes of governance and risk management in public bodies have undergone significant examination and review in recent years. Recent modernisation initiatives have increased the focus on performance of top management. The Institute can support senior management teams in the implementation of effective governance systems, incorporating legislative, regulatory and best-practice development.

The Institute has prepared corporate governance manuals tailored specifically to the governance needs of the state and publicly funded bodies, which take account of the legislative functions and best practice requirements as promulgated in the Code of Practice for the Governance for State Bodies, the Mullarkey accountability report, and other authoritative publications and reports.

Overview of IPA Governance Services

Governance Briefings for Senior Managers and Boards

  • Briefings and workshops updating top management on governance developments (from Cadbury through Turnbull, Higgs, Smith, Mullarkey and the updated State Body Code)
  • Special focus on key implications for senior managers

Board / Audit Committee Membership: Briefings and Consultancy

  • Covering Audit committee membership issues, roles and accountabilities in new governance arrangements
  • Training support and development specific to audit committee members's roles
  • Drafting and updating Audit Committee and Board Committee Charters
  • Nomination of 'non-executive' Audit Committee members

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

  • Explaining the relevant and content of Risk Assessment and Management
  • Giving middle managers some tools for dealing with risk issues
  • supporting organistations who are embedding risk management systes

Governance Related Services

  • Coaching and mentoring for Board Members and Senior Management
  • Review and Report on Board conduct and appropriate system for managing affairs
  • Publicaton of best practice corporate governance manual and handbooks
  • Editorial support for policy and development
  • Publication of research and discussion papares on governance, accountability and performance issues

Control Effectiveness Reviews

  • Internal Controls Analysis
  • Independent Assessment of Internal Controls
  • Audit of Compliance with best practice

Internal Control Review: Facilitation

  • Mentoring internal control project team(s)
  • Quality assurance of stages of plan implementation

Further Information

For further information or to speak to one of our Governance Specialists, please contact in the first instance and we will put you in touch with a member of the IPA Governance Team.

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