Fergal O'Leary

He previously worked in local government and the private sector. Fergal studied at university in Belfast and Dublin and has a doctorate in Modern Irish History.

Publications include:

O’Riordan, J., Boyle, R., O’Leary, F. & Shannon, L. (2021). Using the OECD water governance indicator framework to review the implementation of the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018-2021 [EPA Research Programme 2014-2020]

O’Leary, F. (2021). Local government, 2020 [Administration, 69, 1]
Shannon, L., & O’Leary, F. (2021). Leading the local response to Covid-19: the role of local government [Local government research series report no. 20].
Worrall, R., and O’Leary, F. (2020). Towards greater collective impact: Building collaborative capacity in Cork city’s LDCC. [Administration, 68, 2]

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