Noreen Fahy

As Chief Procurement Officer, Noreen is also responsible for the procurement function across the Institute.  Noreen is also the designated Chief Risk Officer for the Institute and as such is responsible for the management and governance of risk.

Noreen leads and manages a large team of dedicated staff and is committed to fostering best practice in public financial management and governance as required of all public bodies.

Noreen, a qualified professional accountant, worked for many years in the private sector before joining the Institute in 2004 where she worked for 14 years before taking up her current position. In that time, Noreen developed strong credibility in the area of public sector finance and governance with a reputation for successful delivery of complex projects to diverse stakeholder groups.

In recognition of her governance expertise, she has been nominated to a range of governance roles and is currently the Chairperson of Fingal County Council Audit Committee and a non-executive member of the Houses of the Oireachtas Audit Committee.

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