IPA Housing Forum

IPA Housing Forum

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA), in conjunction with the Housing Agency, are excited to launch a series of housing webinars as part of the IPA Housing Forum.

The IPA Housing Forum will offer monthly webinars hosted by the Local Government Unit of the IPA and will feature key housing practitioners speaking on a variety of topics including the new government programme, affordable housing, rental assistance, the Private Rented Sector and other areas of interest.

It is anticipated that the IPA Housing Forum will enable housing practitioners to share best practice and experiences, ask questions on pertinent housing matters and it will become an important repository for key housing policy, documentation and practice material. This will be a membership-based Forum with membership open to organisations and individuals. The member organisations will include state bodies and agencies, local authorities, housing associations and financial institutions.

Upcoming Webinars
  • Affordable Housing: 16 September 2020
  • Social Housing Support: 14 October 2020
  • Social Housing Delivery: 11 November 2020
  • Homeless Services: 10 December 2020
2021 Webinar Topics include:
  • New Challenges for Housing Associations
  • Regulation of the Private Rental Sector
  • Housing and the Green Agenda
  • Housing Needs Assessments 2020
  • What remains of the Social Housing Reform Agenda
  • Changes to Planning and Building Codes

The Forum is open to organisations working in the housing area or with a special interest in housing.

Forum members will have access to the Members’ Area on the website where they will benefit from additional resources. In order to facilitate multiple individuals from within Local Authorities, Approved Housing Bodies, State Bodies and other public or private organisations to attend the Forum the fee is €600 per organisation. This entitles the organisation to register any three people to access the monthly webinars and if there are more than 3 people who want to participate a further discounted price of €50 per person per event is payable.

Anyone registered prior to 12 August 2020 will receive access to our Housing and the new Programme for Government webinar. The cut-off date for payment of membership fees is Friday, 4 September 2020.

Further information is available on the IPA Housing Forum Website here and brochure here.

If you are interested in joining the IPA Housing Forum or want any additional information, please email housingforum@ipa.ie.

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