IPA Governance Forum Briefing: Audit Committees - Key Features of an Effective Committee

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The next and final Governance Forum event of 2017 will take place on Thursday, 7 December (8.00 – 10.30am) on the topic: Audit Committees - Key Features of an Effective Committee.

Please download the brochure for further details and to book a place here. (PDF Document)

There is a strong line-up for this important topic, comprising:

  • Vincent Lynch: Experienced professional accountant and management consultant and previously Head of Internal Audit for Grafton Group PLC and WIP International PLC
  • Tom Brett: Experienced IT trainer and consultant, with a specialist interest in cyber and information security
  • Noreen Fahy: Senior Finance and Governance Specialist at the IPA and non-executive member and chairperson of several Audit & Risk Committees

This promises to be an interesting and informative event and will consider questions such as:

  • What skill sets and experience does the Committee require and how can members be co-opted, if needed to bolster expertise?;
  • What is expected of the Committee, in of itself and from the Board’s perspective?;
  • What are the practical challenges facing the Committee in seeking, receiving and conveying assurance (to the Board)?;
  • How should the Committee determine the right areas for audit and review the effectiveness of internal controls?; and
  • What are the key risks and hot topics facing and occupying the minds of current Audit Committees?