Organisational Development & Change Advisory Services

Strategic management underpins all levels of the organisation and shapes how we manage change, improve internal processes and services, develop capacity in people and mobilise them to meet corporate goals. Aligning an organisation’s mission and priorities to day to day operations is essential if staff and managers are to develop longer term perspectives, link strategy to business and think holistically about resolving organisational challenges.

While the processes, plans and capability to deliver often exist in organisations, strategy, change and stakeholder engagement are challenging areas and often require external stimulus and a system of challenge and support to ensure plans and approaches are delivering the desired impact.

The IPA can work with you to review and audit existing plans and processes, strengthen approaches and develop new ways of working. We can provide an end-to-end support from designing, delivering, managing and evaluating each step in the process or we can provide very specific interventions to support definite steps, depending on your needs.

See also the IPA Organisational Development and Change Management Services Brochure here for further information.

Examples of the type of support, advice and expertise we can provide include:

Strategy and Business Planning

  • Strategic Reviews
  • Strategic prioritisation, alignment and execution support
  • Environmental and Cultural Analysis
  • Review of Leadership and Executive Management roles and structures
  • Organisational Review and Design
  • Change Maturity Audits

Change Planning and Organisational Development

  • Analysis of Change Environments
  • Develop a Business Case for Change
  • Develop integrated Change Plans aligned to Strategic Goals
  • Develop capacity and capability to ensure change readiness and ability to deliver
  • Business Process Improvement Review and Planning
  • Change Programme Review and Evaluation
  • Building an ECM Approach

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Communications is the vital element with which to glue initiatives and teams together. Reviewing your internal communication processes will allow you to deliver excellent, consistent, relevant and regular communication with stakeholders through a variety of complementary tools and techniques. This will encourage greater commitment to generate better outcomes.

  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • Design Stakeholder Surveys and Facilitation of Engagement Workshops
  • Communications Audit and Review
  • Perception Analysis
  • Develop aligned Communications Plans
  • Impact review and assessment of Communications plans

Learning and Development Strategy Development and Implementation

Aligning your learning and development plans to organisational priorities and change goals is essential in order to develop the capacity and capability across the organisation to future proof the organisation. As part of our Strategic Human Resource expertise, the IPA can provide a range of services and interventions on stand-alone basis or as a package of integrated, mutually supportive elements.

For example:

  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Conduct Competency Reviews and Competency Profile Development
  • Organisational Cultural Diagnosis and Analysis
  • Team and Individual Competency / Behaviour Profiles
  • Team Development
  • Talend and Leadership Development
  • Intervention Planning – involving a number of integrated steps
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programme Design, Management and Evaluation
  • Succession and Workforce Planning
  • Succession and Workfork Planning

Why use the IPA?

Over the years, we have built up an unparalleled understanding of public sector organisations. As a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of public management, we aim to provide value for money and to build the in-house capacity of the organisations we work with.

To speak with one of our Management Consultants, without obligation, and to learn more about specific clients and services, please contact the Training & Development Division’s Central Bookings Office on tel: +353 (0)1 240 3666 or email

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